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Duo - Aaron Johnson - oil painting


Nature Stories

Ideas for these oil paintings come from stories and images that people have created to understand their place in the world. Often, while considering the transmission of cultural information, I am drawn back in history toward ancient societies because their stories retain an understanding of the interconnectedness of life.

Most of these paintings provide only a story fragment, perhaps the beginning of a story.

Others, such as Noah's Wife, take an existing story and ask new questions. What was her name? Did her daughters have names? What did they do? Were the plants left to perish or did someone bring them aboard?

Some of the paintings are of dream images. Menhir, Duo, and Trinity are from recurring childhood dreams that I first had at the age of five. The heavy, dense, subterranean energy of Menhir and the three concentrated points of energy in the sky of Trinity were exponentially more powerful than any human energy. The natural energy was powerful enough to be destructive, but when approached with care could be a creative source.

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